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Quo Gladius de Veritas                                                            25 March  2013

 "Voice of the Confederacy"

Welcome Onboard
The CSA News was created by Mr. David Martin, now deceased, and originally went to press in January 1991 as a by monthly published Newsletter.  Upon his death the publication was passed on to me, and I continued it in its printed format until it was posted online, whereupon the printed version was dropped.  A few years back the website was somehow disabled by the provider, and while it could have been rebuilt, the funds and the time to do so, just wasn’t available.

Now the Newsletter launched by Mr. Martin has returned, howbeit for the present, as an attachment to the Confederate Legion website.  It is my hope that a new and separate website for CSA News can be created in the near future, and it will take time to put it all together, making it distinct from the Confederate Legion by returning it to its original concept, news related to the Confederate Cause.

In the meantime a small beginning will be attempted, and your prayers would be cherished, that we might give the glory to the Almighty God, in Christ Jesus, to Mr. David Martin and the Confederate Cause.  It is my personal prayer that by God’s Grace, CSA News will in due course of time achieve the high standards desired by its original creator.
Recognition is also given to those who stood by Mr. David Martin in the early days of the Newsletter, Mr. Randall Hamilton and Mrs. Gwendolyn “Pinky” Hamilton, who volunteered their own time as publisher and secretary to the Editor in Chief.  It should be added that during the few years the Newsletter was in publication under my own editorship the newsletter had approximately 1900 paid subscribers.

The reasons for discontinuing publication as a printed publication was due to the work required of a single individual, and going online meant reaching far greater numbers.  However it has always been my long-term dream that one day CSA News might once more go to press, prayerfully in a more modern format!

Even though the Newsletter is posted online as a part of the Confederate Legion, CSA News will be kept separate and apart, and the title used for the Webmaster will be Editor in Chief, in honor of the original.  Let us just say these WebPages are a down payment, you can help by passing the word; contact CSA News by clicking below the page divider at the bottom.

God Bless and Deo Vindice!

Editor in Chief
CSA News


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