Confederacy or Totalitarianism

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Confederacy or Totalitarianism 
Our unalienable rights are now in question!

We've already waited too long, we now face the inevitable, rally we the
people, and restore the Confederacy, or else soon live under totalarian rule.

Could the Confederacy rise again?  We can all doubt, wish, or take action, and see which path works!  Or we can sit on our duff, and watch our liberties fade away under Socialist Yankee Rule.  If my ideas are not satisfactory, lets hear a workable plan that is better.  However, any workable plan, must rally 'we the people' in mass!

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Descent into Totalitarianism
The exercise of power never granted!

 "I would have never surrendered the army if I had known how
the South would have been treated." … Robert Edward Lee

In writing this article, let it first be said, I could careless as to someone's race, my stance is upon
our God given unalienable rights, plus the equality of all men, without any guarentee of results.

am convinced this modern, anything goes culture, can never surpass the honor, grace and charm of the Ante Bellum South, and the Confederacy.  And I believe today’s Southern Ladies, if they choose, could change the course of history.  But it would require a wee bit of devotion and sacrifice!  As an example, it would mean giving up your Levis and skin tights; what a horrible thing to ask of a modern woman!  But then there's the old 'what could have been' and will never be cliché.  Which will surely happen, if there is no action!

However the question remains; how did this society reach the point, where so many people, all but worship socialism? Where the federal government, has become the nanny and caregiver! It all started when people discovered, they could vote themselves money and benefits. When the redistribution of wealth, replaced earning one’s own living! It has been perpetuated by those who feel themselves victims of society. It was someone else’s fault, the wealthy, or the majority race.

Some will proclaim, my distant ancestors were mistreated, thus I am entitled! There was a time when a day’s labor was from sun to sun, and precious few thought society, the government or the majority race owned them. There was also a day when equality, did not equate to equal results. In any case that day is nigh at hand, when the money, government benefit’s, and the patience of the majority, will come to an end.

On that day the illegal aliens will go home, and those who claim victim-hood will either join the great melting pot, or else ship out to another nation. In this regard, often such truth is much too difficult to swallow. Nonetheless, the day will come when the racial blame game, at someone else’s expense, will come to an end, and likely by political revolution.

The alternative will be too horrendous, for the social misfits to consider! As for the rush to socialism, it will either terminate or else it ends in a dictatorship, with freedom and constitutional government cast aside. Those who continue to picket, protest, complain, divide and destroy the present order, be careful, you may not like what come after.

Destoy this constitutional democracy, such as it is, and the alternative will not be a mild form of socialism, where we all share and share alike.  The choice will be between a just and honorable Confederacy, or else a Jack Boots form of totalitarianism.  A system of government where no court will bail you out, all are slaves of those in power, and you obey or die!

God save the Confederacy





"If I had foreseen the use those people designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me.  Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in my right hand." … Robert Edward Lee


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