The Ghost Raiders

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The Ghost Raiders

                           The following is a fictional story; it is not an advocacy for violation of the law!

“Free men will never consent to giving up the means of defending their liberties” {Dr. Joseph Warren} – 1775.  A man arose out of the masses of the people taking on the persona of a 21st century Gray Ghost, which had been fashioned after the famous Colonel John Singleton Mosby of the War for Confederate Independence.  This seemingly common everyday individual like his predecessor managed to use those things readily available in society during his own time to forge a name and a legend for himself and his men.   Thus we present to you The Ghost Raiders!
Confederate Historic Fiction is a scenario whereby it is imagined that history has turned out differently, for the purpose that Confederates of our own time might become convinced they are equally as capable of altering the course of history through their activism.   We cannot help but notice that in an overwhelming number of cases it has been a single individual, which has changed the course of history.  The great “what ifs” of history come to mind, for example what if Abraham Lincoln had been captured during the course of the war or else had never been born!
What if Jefferson Davis had entered the 1860 Presidential race and defeated Abraham Lincoln’s bid for President of the United States?  If this short story achieves anything it should be to challenge you to think and consider what you personally can do to help bring victory to our cause.  How then does this affect the future course of events?  Join with us as we travel to a future time when the full price of procrastination, complacency and compromise has come due



Colonel John Singleton Mosby

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While no one realized at the time, at least not with the full realization of what took place afterward, the 2008 General Elections proved an historic turning point, a turning point, which unfolded in a manner that should have been obvious to everyone concerned.  The Democratic liberals and socialists had taken control of both houses of Congress, as well as the Presidency.  They also dominated an overwhelming number of the State Governments, and quickly proved aggressive in instituting their own brand of centralization.  These people are deeply religious; howbeit theirs is a religion of Liberalism and Socialism!
Among their agenda priorities has been that of bringing as much of society under their control as possible, while driving the nation trillions of dollars deeper in debt.  These same liberals and socialists sought to finish Franklin D. Roosevelt’s work of packing the Supreme Court, in order to gain through the judiciary, what was unattainable by legislation and regulation alone.  The free market was quickly harnessed by a series of laws and regulations, and soon enough the old worn out issue of ‘gun control’ once more raised its ugly head.
Knowing the mindset of those who came to power in the 2008 General Elections, the sale of weapons and ammunitions skyrocketed.  It was no secret that 2/3rds of the gun owners of the 50 States, lived in the 13 States of the Confederacy.  Nonetheless militias were also forming throughout the North, Midwest as well as the Western States.  Something more was in the wind, militia numbers were growing astronomically, not only that but the type of militiamen was changing.  Militiamen were coming onboard that were the kind of people never expected to join a militia!

The days of the strictly ‘good ole boys’ militias was fading, now we were seeing militias manned by those having a deep-seated commitment to restoring our liberties, militiamen prepared to use force, if all else fails.  This 21st century militia does not consider the Government an enemy, but they are preparing themselves toward the day when the government considers the people its enemy.  Further, these modern militiamen were lead by true military leaders, who have earned their rank the old fashioned way, by deeds.

As these conditions unfolded, precious few could see the deadly storm clouds gathering across the width and breadth of the land, storm clouds caused by government usurpation of power.  However, authorities were paying so much attention to the stockpiling of weapons and ammunition by the Supremacist Groups; they failed to see how disgruntled law abiding citizens ‘we the people’ were becoming.  It was under this scenario, that our story of "The Ghost Raiders” begins to unfold!

This story emphasizes the need for advance technology in today’s world, making it urgent that when the Confederate States of America rises again, it must have the latest and best high technology possible for its national defense.  And it must do so without the normally accompanying indebtedness and exorbitant prices!

 Story of the Confederate Special Forces!


The year 2009 which had marked 144 years since the surrender our Confederate Armies come and went without any particular fanfare for the Confederate Cause.  The extreme liberals however did control both houses of the federal congress, plus the presidency.  The mass media having been long since dominated by these same liberals, could hardly contain their gloating and continued showing surveys, which seem to indicate a continuing trend against Christian Evangelicals, Conservatives in particular.  It was no longer a secret that these polls were rigged in favor of a predetermined result pattern.  This was discovered when it became apparent that the subject of these surveys were denigrated over a prolonged period of time, the questions were then phrased in such a manner so as to gain a predictable result.

However the publics trust in the federal government or in the mass media continued to decline even so more in the polls then the conservative subjects of there rigged poll results.  The previous 18 years since the birth of the modern Confederate movement proved ineffective, since it has branched into several dozen separate and competing organizations, most of them spending precious little time on strategy and activism.  The Confederate Cause has steadily declined into complacency, compromise and procrastination.

The result has been that a sizeable percentage of those who had initially joined the movement, hoping to see action, now turned elsewhere.   Every effort had been made to ensure the Confederate Cause remained lawful, peaceful and honorable.  The second portion of this three-pointed pledge was about to be shattered forever, by a scenario, which has been long predicted, but with little attention paid.  Several events had come together to cause the tumult in society, which managed to turn the most brilliant tactician, technologist and intellectual in the land against the very bureaucracy they had once sworn to defend.

The man who would soon enough come to be known by the name Ghost Raider!  It all began innocently enough when a condominium and shopping complex was slated for construction in the southeastern suburbs of Atlanta.  The partial of land in question had been owned by the same family for 161 years and now was under a writ of seizure by State Authorities, after federal appeals had been turned down.   The man known as Weldon Jamison, would become the Ghost Raider, knew he could not win in the legal or political arena, and with the liberal mass media calling him an obstructionist, his options were quickly becoming limited.

Colonel Jamison, as his friends always called him, settled down for a little relaxation in hopes of forgetting his problems for a while deciding on a replay of a once popular movie titled 'Gettysburg' but found him self drifting back through his family tree.  He had ancestors, which wore the Gray and fought for the Confederacy, something he had only played lip service to, thus far in his life.  He had once been a Colonel in the Special Forces during the 'First Persian Gulf War' after which he returned to private life, finding work in a corporate black project of high tech weapons research.

The Ghost Raider as he would be known, caught himself thinking of men such as General John Hunt Morgan as well as Colonel John Singleton Mosby, thinking about how they might carry out their duties in today’s world.  Then just as quickly he would come to his senses for a moment saying to himself out loud 'No, why am I even considering such a thing; this isn't the post ‘Civil War years?  It wouldn't even be possible in today’s world; the federals have the most powerful army in the world; even the National Guard of any one single State, has more firepower then he could muster.

Then again he really didn't want to hurt anyone or destroy property; he just wanted a little justice.  He began to turn his attention back to the movie, considering all the mistakes made by the Confederate Armies and how, if they had made a few tactical choices differently; the Confederacy might have won the war.  His mind was buzzing with strategies and concepts; I have access to the most advance weapons on earth, with the possibility of creating even more, and I am their supervisor.  Without thinking he began to channel surf and landed on a History Channel program dealing with the so-called Philadelphia Project, which was said to have taken place during the Second World War.

As the program progressed he thought to himself, while speaking out loud, even though no one was in the room but he himself.  Yes, that is the missing piece, invisibility, a simple process whereby light is refracted around an object, thus making it invisible to the viewer.  He was familiar with the real world experimentations and knew it was possible, not as some kind of science fiction, but in reality.  Contrary to the documentary he was now watching, the person or object doesn’t actually disappear, but light is bent around them, not unlike when using prisms to make rainbows appear on the wall of a room.

In this case light would simply be bent around the person or object without any noticeable side effects, then continue on its normal path on the opposite side; thus having the effect of invisibility.  He stretched his imagination even further; I've always been able to muster a crowd and influence people in order to achieve what I felt was important, within reason of course.  The pieces began to come together; what if General Lee's Army could have literally appeared and disappeared on command, or at least was made to appear as if they had?  What if such an Army could neutralize an opponent without any bloodletting, injury, death or destruction?

Further suppose this imaginary Army were able to remain so secret, no agency on earth could discover their true identity?  He had the necessary access to a level of technology so advanced; even the military did not have it in their arsenal, not yet anyhow!  An example was the magnetic pulsation gun of which only one was known to exist; he was completely knowledgeable as to its inter-workings.  After all he had been party to its testing, he could come up with more copies of them.

His little high tech research group was so well buried within the bureaucracy, his entire campaign would be long over, before the Yankees ever figured out how modern Ghost Raiders somehow managed to avoid detection.  As their Commander he could make of such an Army a kind of Gray Robin Hood Force; only they'd be taking back what was legitimately Confederate and Southern.  He turned back to the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’ but found himself unable to concentrate on the story, other then to see in it the means of striking back, while remaining anonymous.

The Empire's Judgment Day

Meanwhile a situation developed which could not have been foreseen, not by the bureaucrats in Washington or the average citizen, and certainly not by Colonel Weldon Jamison.  It was late May 2010 and the Congress had adjourned on Wednesday for the coming Memorial Day Holiday weekend, leaving only a few Congressmen and Senators in Washington.  The news was filled with the honors to be paid to those who had given their lives, as they say ‘in the service of their country.'  When suddenly the programming was interrupted by a news flash; the fault line, which runs off the California coast, had quaked measuring 8.9 on the rector scale and a Tsunami was rushing toward the coast of California, Oregon and Washington.

Further it was feared this quake could very well set off the San Andreas Fault?  It was late that same afternoon when the Tsunami waves began to move inland quite some distance, depending upon the terrain, the death toll was uncertain but was estimated to be in the millions, when one considers all three Pacific Coast States.   As if these far western States had not suffered enough the San Andreas Fault began to send out shock waves; small at first then increasing in intensity.  Finally during the early morning hours of Friday, the so-called big one struck California as the San Andreas quaked at 10.1 on the rector scale.

The shaking was so violent the ground trembled all the way to Florida!   The sum total of these disasters caused an already volatile Mount Rainer to send out smoke plumbs, giving every sign of erupting.  The advancing pace of the destruction was like unto a chain reaction whereby the initial quaking off the California coast, managed to set off a series of natural disasters, which was compounded by man's own folly.  The grand finality was an actual eruption of Mount Rainer, located near Tacoma Washington, which was followed by the quaking of a third fault line, which runs under the Mississippi River.

These disasters had reached colossal proportions resulting in portions of Tennessee and the other Mississippi River States being plunged under as much as fifteen feet of water, with several millions presumed dead from the Ohio River down to New Orleans.  So powerful was the quaking, the Mississippi River ran backward for a space of time!  If there were any blessings in this story it was that the remainder of the Southland remained relatively unscathed, outside of a lot of broken glass.  The situation caused a dozen States to declare them selves to be in a state of emergency, which quickly lead to a declaration of marshal law in the effected areas.

Then a leaked report came over the news that the federal government was swamped, and unable to deal with so many disasters, which was no real surprise, particularly after such poor showing during and after the hurricanes along the Gulf Coast during the 2004 and 2005 seasons.  This prodded the States to begin to step up to the plate and take the bull by the horns, as they say in Cowboy country.  The result however was that the mass destruction felt throughout the civilian communities, was also felt by the military.  Some estimates were that losses suffered by the military, though to be high, would not be available for sometime.

Nonetheless, the President did what was considered to be unprecedented by declared a nationwide state of marshal law in order to 'restore order' throughout the nation.  The criminal element did not hesitate in taking advantage of the near total collapse of municipal government in the effected areas, where survivors existed; gangs roamed the streets robbing, raping and murdering with little or no opposition from the police.  Meanwhile the Southeastern States began to realize, that little or no federal assistance was coming, therefore they would be pretty much on their own.

Since the Mississippi and Ohio River cities essentially were unable to function, the State Governors from the effected areas held an emergency conference, while calling out their National Guard for emergency disaster relief duty.  Their first task was to ensure the at least some of the bridges across the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers could bear traffic.  While the damage would likely restrict traffic flow, it was found that essential commerce could be kept moving.  Additionally, relatively normal road and air transportation was possible as far west as the Rocky Mountains as well as north and south, save for the Mississippi and Ohio River corridor.

These deteriorated conditions would weigh heavily upon Colonel Weldon Jamison's mind, even though his own State of Georgia had suffered precious little during the recent wave of disasters.  However the federal government had in the process become all but completely impotent, and unable to react to the disaster or even offer any real assistance.  This became obvious when those states, which were not part of the destruction, began to use the old tactic of nullification in dealing with the federal bureaucracy.  It became obvious their federal marshal law injunction, was for the most part ignored, adding to a waste of man power and material on their part, which might better have been used elsewhere.

As time drug on, the States had little choice but to step into the void left by the inept and wasteful federal agencies.  The Governors Conference approved a tactic whereby their State National Guard, Highway Patrol and Municipal Police were placed under a Centralized Emergency Command, along with the various State, County or Parish, and Municipal Governments, as a type of emergency response team.  While the federals were completely overwhelmed, particularly since the bulk of their military strength was dispersed overseas, and pre-occupied with global police actions and nation building.

The Rise of a Warrior

The now General Weldon Jamison continued his normal daily routine; showing up at work on time, and making his regular stops after work!  He would then return home at the expected time, continuing to study the tactics as well as strategies, whereby he might build a Confederate ‘Ghost’ Army, whose military prowess would be essentially unchallenged.  Then suddenly he managed to disappear as if he never existed: bank account, driver’s license, military records and even his social security file; all seemed to vanish.  The police received missing person reports from friends, neighbors, and his his Executive Manager at work, but after checking every possibility; no record was ever uncovered, showing that he ever existed.

A special police investigator requested F.B.I. assistance, checking with the Internal Revenue Service; but their request came back negative.  There had never been a record of anyone, known to have pulled off such a total and complete disappearance; it was as if Weldon Jamison had never been born.  Things quieted down and the weeks passed until finally, all official efforts to locate General Jamison fell by the way, the files were closed, since there was no record of his existence, the case was classified as without merit.  It was decided they could not continue to search for a non-existing person, even though many witnessed were interviewed who claimed to have know him as a co-worker or else knew him as a friend and neighbor.

Locally, as a last resort, a professional forensic expert was called in to check for any trace that this General Jamison had lived in the area, but again, the results were negative.  General Jamison had very effectively managed to use modern technology, to erase any and all records that referred to him.  The federals in any case had become so wrapped up in their own problems, resulting from the disasters, they could officer precious little help.  General Jamison would make his presence felt a year later, at a time when an inter-racial riot was underway, and an entire section of the Atlanta was going up in flames. 
There was wide spread looting and attacks upon innocent by-stander!

However before police could respond, reports come in that some kind of an army had moved into the area, an army which appeared to be some type of Special Forces Command.  They were said to appear as if out of nowwhere and wore official looking Confederate Emblems on their uniforms!   These troops swept through the riotous area with weapons no one had ever seen before; they appeared like a high-powered laser ray guns.  These troops dropped the rioters in their place and where they stood, so much so that it took several hours to round up the dead and wounded.  Many of the rioters were still holding the stolen goods in their hands, as they were fell to the ground or lay upon the floor of the businesses, which they had invaded.

A message was found written in Latin which stated, which was translated to say; "This is your only warning, loot and riot again, and the entire neighborhood will be laid waste.  Learn to live like human being or you will surely die like animals!"  As quickly as they appeared these Ghost Raiders disappeared without a trace!  An elderly gentleman who had witnessed the event from beginning to end reported, “they appeared like Ghosts, finished their work, then disappeared into the fire and smoke of the inferno, caused by the destruction."  Past research into the possibility of invisibility had been held back by federal bureaucratic bungling, but General Jamison, being a high tech researcher himself and an expert on advancements in technology, was able to make use of research material long forgotten over the years.

The term 'invisibility' was actually misleading; the real principle simply involves bending light waves around an object thereby a type of optical invisibility is achieved.  The uniforms, which the General would employ, also made use of the same technology employed in stealth aircraft, which also included the use of body heat dispensers.  These items would allow him to move his armies virtually undetected, nearly anywhere he chose.  The city in question for the present was of course Atlanta Georgia, and the sun had hardly risen in the Eastern Time zone when the City Mayors business phone and cell phone began ringing steadily.

The Director of the C.I.A., F.B.I. and the Justice Department was on the line; even the President's military advisor was now in on the action.  The early news report on the World Cable Network (WCN) had shown a home video recording, taken at the time of the incident; these Ghost Warriors as they were being termed where indeed a real army, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to determine, they are definitely Confederates.  Their professionalism, weapons and numbers made it clear; they were not amateurs nor were they vigilantes, and certainly not a militia.

An educated guess would prove there were many more soldiers, where these troops came from!  It was obvious the Army of the Confederacy had risen again, and if their first appearance was any indication of what was to come, they could more then match anything the Armed Forces of the United States, could throw at them.  The President was on the air by mid-afternoon that next day giving a kind of fireside chat, wherein he spoke more to the Commander of this invisible Ghost Army, then to the public at large.  The President stated in part; "You have thus far injured and killed a number of individuals, during the recent riots in Atlanta; we are therefore advising you to lay down your arms, cease from any further use of force, and disband your army."

The President soon discovered these Gray Back Special Forces had the support of the vast percentage of the public; after all they were providing law and order.  They were viewed like a band of 'Gray Robin-hoods' who were simply stepping in where the federal and state governments had failed and the local policed were outnumbered.  These Ghost Raiders were simply not heard from again until a month later, after the mass media had blanked the news with bigoted reports regarding these troops in general, and the Confederacy in particular.  The World Cable Network was about to receive a lesson in unbiased news reporting, when a bold message appeared as an uninvited ribbon at the bottom of their prime time news.

The ribbon stated; "WCN is an extremely liberal, politically correct and bigoted source of news; everyone is therefore advised to vacate the Atlanta Headquarters Building by 11:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time; we do not wish anyone to be injured."  The building Security Officer looked at his wristwatch and noticed it was already 9:00 P.M. so he called an emergency evacuation, knowing he still had sufficient time remaining.  They had received bomb threats in the past and a number of evacuation drills had been scheduled, and the staff was well prepared for such an occasion.

The Municipal and State Police surrounded the building and covered the grounds with patrols waiting for whatever might take place.  It was not commonly known but approximately 65 percent of the State Police, Municipals Police as well as the National Guard were either Reserve Members of the Ghost Raider's Army or were giving it serious consideration.  Their presence at the WCN Building was primarily to ensure that the evacuation was completed safe and effectively, so as to prevent any needless loss of life.

The Effects on the Mass Media

Precisely at 11:00 P.M. a beam coming from space struck the building and caused an explosion!  Afterward it was discovered, the beam, which had caused so much destruction, had been bounced off WCN’s own satellite, like unto reflecting light off of a mirror.  It then followed their television beacon directly onto the dish, atop the building.  Afterward the satellite used, was destroyed by the very same beam, which had struck the building.  The WCN was shut down pending an investigation, afterward shifting to other means of broadcasting; so as to get around the loss of their now destroyed satellite.  There were certainly other satellites circling the earth, but the enormous void left, would make it much more difficult, whatever means might be used.

The early indications were that no one was injured but the building was a total loose.   The Presidents Press Secretary appeared over most of the mass media networks, of those, which still remained, stating the President would soon announce a special investigative team to look into the rise of what is being termed the Ghost Raiders and the Gray Back Special Forces.  The Press Secretary stated; “while a vast number of people are looking at these Raiders as heroes, the President wishes to emphasis they are in violation of the law.”

Nonetheless the attacks against the WCN Headquarters in Atlanta had its intended effect; the other news networks began to back away from criticizing Confederate history, heritage and culture.  They all seemed to fall back on the old policy of reporting only the when, where and why of the news, which meant only the facts without any liberal commentators and instant experts.  The next to feel the heat of the Ghost Raiders were the Civil Rights Leadership who received a well worded warning; "True civil rights means equality before the law, therefore racial preferences, quotas and affirmative action as well as any special considerations, are a violation of our individual liberties.

Therefore let it be known, the Civil Right era is over; go home and seek honest employment or the cost could become more then you can afford to bear."   It wasn't but two weeks later when their national headquarters was destroyed in the similar manner, as was the WCN Building; however there wasn't a single network, which would grant the Civil Rights Leadership airtime.  On this occasion, there was absolutely no so-called minority protest marches, no rallies and no speeches by liberal politicians; the Civil Rights movement was being shunned like a bad case of the plague.

Even minority entertainers had their concerts cancelled nationwide, out of fear of being the target of an attack.  The message however of the Ghost Raider was simple and to the point; equality means equality and what holds true for minorities is also applicable to the women's liberationists; the age of preferences, complaints and political correctness is over.  There wasn't a single radio or television station, which would play Rap or other specifically Black Music, and the congress was even warned; "if you allow a Black Caucus to meet, you also must also have a White Caucus.” 

Politically correct words and phrases began disappearing from the cultural and mass media lexicon, such as ‘you guys’ when referring to females as well as ‘gender’ in lieu of the correct words, which is male or female sex.  Additionally nudity and vulgarities of all sorts began disappearing from television, radio as well as the movie theaters.  While many of these actions were appreciated, the Ghost Raider did not specifically demand them, they were simply a side benefit.  Most of these actions were spawned by the perceived threat posed by these Confederate Special Forces, rather then an actual demand placed upon them.

The mass media however in carrying the story over nearly every radio and television station nationwide, was unwittingly providing the very kind of persona necessary, which allowed the Confederates to achieve their mission.  It soon become clear the federals were not about to go down without a fight; it was only a matter of place and time, wherein the best opportunity might presented itself, from their perspective of course.   Their opportunity came, but first the President, for the purpose of a strategy conference, called a high level cabinet meeting.

The mass media still however managed to hype itself into a feeding frenzy, while being cautious of appearing bias, which was very near impossible, since their combined staffs are approximately 99.9 percent liberal, anti-Confederate and secular humanists.  The Ghost Raiders managed to show themselves only when it suited their purpose, while every agency of the federal government was attempting to uncover their technology as well as their strategy, which allowed them to remain effectively invisible.  A team made up of agents from the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and the Pentagon Brass, decided upon a plan to draw this secret army into the open and into a trap.

Over a period of several months, efforts were made to chart the locations, which had been struck by the Confederates, in an attempt to pin point their headquarters.  In the meantime several more facilities came under attack; a district I.R.S. office in the northeast, another in the South.  The months that followed saw five military bases coming under attack; the single similarity in each case was the lack of any death, injuries or extensive property destruction.

The method of attack in the case of high tech electronic equipment was obviously some kind of magnetic pulsation devise that rendered every single electronic devise, neutralized, rendering them useless.  This included equipment from the lowliest to the most advance aircraft and equipment in the arsenal of the armed forces.  Yet not a single individual, rocket or aircraft was ever spotted, which could have been remotely determined to be a threat.


The Attacks Continue Unabated


These facilities were in each case attacked for a particular reason; the New England I.R.S. Office for it's seizure of a family home for failure to pay their taxes, even though they had suffered bankruptcy as a result of a terminal illnesses.  The family had all but begged for leniency but received only legal jargon from hard-nosed bureaucrats.  At one particular military base a Southern Private was Courts Martial for displaying a Confederate Flag in his barracks room, and still another for playing Dixie above the permitted decimals on his car stereo, which was said to offend a Black Sergeant who by happened chance, passed nearby.

In both cases however a large rendition of the Confederate Battle Flag appeared flying over the main Base Mast, after the commotion of the attack had waned.  The federals were not at all pleased to learn that a growing percentage of the public was cheering for these Confederate Ghost Raiders.  This became all too obvious during a rally, which had been organized at the Houston Astrodome, which played to a packed coliseum.  Interestingly enough, an uninvited but very much welcomed guest made an appearance in the form of three full divisions of Armed Confederate Special Forces.


They had marched directly through the coliseum from side to side appearing as they entered, then disappearing as they exited.  There was indeed a mystery, which puzzled the federals, which was shortly afterward discussed at a Presidential Security Briefing; if these Confederates possess such power, why haven’t they simply taken over?   Could it be they are waiting for some particular event or possibly a special date on their calendar?  Those who walked the halls of power were asking many such questions, the answers to which they might find unpleasant.


On 2 April of 2011 an untraceable message was found on both the Presidential Computer as well as that of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The message simply stated; "On 9:00 A.M. 9 April hence, a week from today, the members of the Join Chiefs of Staff will meet with me at Appomattox Courthouse, they will be armed only with ‘the full Power of Attorney of the United States Government’ in their possession.  Failure to arrive will lead to dire consequences; it would be in the empire's long term interest, to obey this directive.”

That same day a ribbon mysteriously appeared over the international news which stated; "The conditions in the United States has resulted from circumstances, which have lingered, since the late War for Confederate Independence, commonly termed the 'American Civil War.'  This is an issue between the Confederate States of America and the United States of America; should any nation or people interfere or take advantage of this situation, they will be dealt with accordingly."  On Sunday 9 April 2012 the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff arrived at the Appomattox Courthouse National Park, under full military escort, but no one was immediately visible, save for the Park Rangers on duty.

The Chairman directed his convoy to circle the McLean House where General Robert E. Lee had surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant 147 years before.  The entourage entered the building and found Confederate General Weldon Jamison already present!  A federal agent dressed in civilian attire stepped forward and ordered General Jamison to raise his hands that he is under arrest on charges of treason.  The general stated to the Chairman, "Order your goon squad to put away their weapons, even if you take me, my troops outnumber and outgun your meager forces.

In any case look out the window General Weston, you are surrounded by the most formidable force upon this earth."  The Chairman look out the window and for the first time, the Confederate Armies were visible; there must have been 30,000 well-armed combat troops surrounding the building, as well as General Weston’s own forces, and they no doubt meant business.  General Weston turned to the members of his escort and ordered; “put away your weapons and do as General Jamison says, place your devices on the table; this is his party, he is the host in this case.”

Thank you very much General; stated the now famous Weldon Jamison!  A little polite small talk passed between the two Officers, until finally they got down to business!   The man known as the Confederate Ghost Raider invited the Chairman to have a seat at the very spot at the table, where General Ulysses S. Grant sat to accepted the surrender of General Robert E. Lee, in behalf of the Army of Northern Virginia, thus leading to the surrender of all Confederate Armies.  General Jamison then lay before him what amounted to a total and complete surrender of all United States Forces.

The Ghost Raider remarked; "I didn't get to attend the original meeting, which took place here, so I decided we should run through it again, only this time empire surrenders."  The Chairman read through the document, then turned to General Jamison; "You can't be serious, unconditional surrender all United States Armed Forces!”  I am giving you the same choice your ancestors gave to our people and nation, when they aggressively invaded, conquered and subjugated the Confederate States of America.  Now it’s your time to face the music!  Shall you comply or must I rain devastation upon the entire width and breadth of the Yankee Empire.

Let us make the rules clear so we both understand each other; this is an unconditional surrender, not a negotiation, and this time around, the Confederacy is not subject to Union terms, but the Union to Confederate terms.  The details of our demands will be made known to you immediately upon signing the 'Documents of Surrender' and completing the formal ceremonies.  Is that clear General Weston?


The Joint Chiefs Chairman nodded in the positive and General Jamison pointed to General Robert E. Lee's sword laying across the center of the table; "after the documents are signed you will surrender General Lee's sword to me, since I am sure you must recall that same sword was surrendered to General Grant 147 years ago as the two men stood along side this very table.  On this particular date sir we will have in effect rolled back the surrender our Confederate Armies!

When you speak to your Commander in Chief, make it clear to him that failure to fully comply with the terms of this surrender, will prove more costly then he, you or your nation can afford."  Why General Jamison, asked the Chairman, don’t you speak to the President yourself?  Well, it’s a matter of protocol; President Abraham Lincoln refused to speak with our President Jefferson Davis.  Therefore in like manner I refuse to speak to your President today.

All this could have been avoided, had Mr. Lincoln agreed to meet with President Davis, rather then being so hasty to murder, pillage, burn and rape his way through our homeland.  Finally General Weston, today, that long ago terrible war, is over, justice has been served.  Very soon now, it shall be my honor and privilege to report to, the President of the Confederate States of America.  The two men read and signed duplicate copies of the Documents of Surrender, exchanged them and signed again.

They then stood to their feet, and General Weldon Jamison accepted the Sword of General Robert E. Lee, as a symbol of a surrendered United States of America, thereby reversing the results of the War for Confederate States Independence.  General Jamison looking about the room turned to General Weston, then to the others gathered in the room and stated; “Gentleman, these proceedings are now concluded!”




The Ghost Raider had done his duty, now it was time to rebuild both the government and nation of the Confederate States of America, allowing it to rejoin the free and independent nations of the earth.  General Weldon Jamison had managed to alter history for all time; now future generations of Confederate youngsters will read of these events in their school textbooks.

The Confederate States of America would in due course of time, not only build monuments to past heroes, but also to those of the twenty first century.  Moreover the glorious history of the rise and rebirth of the Confederate States of America would in years to come, provide the type of stories of which legends are made.

God save the Confederacy



"Victory is for those with the persistence and fortitude to resist the temptation to withdraw or whose resolve has been tempered, when conditions worsen and the cost rises; it is not for the weak hearted, nor those who are softened by the ease and comfort of a gilded cage, provided by the enemy at the cost of liberty. It is for those who continue to fight the good fight, even after others who have gone before, having faced overwhelming numbers and firepower found themselves unable to complete the mission." --- Jay Buckner.  In any case Confederate Fiction allows us to dream and envision victory; otherwise "where there is no vision, the people parish." {Proverbs 29:18}