Warning - Warning - Warning

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Warning - Warning - Warning 

Jesus said: "Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord,
shall enter into the
kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth
the will of my father, which is in heaven." KJV


The topic of this page "Warning - Warning - Warning" is precisely that,a warning, regarding this dispensation of time, which is rapidly winding down.  The below webpages are highly recommended, and should explain these coming events.  This writer is certainly no prophet, nor a scholar of the Holy Scriptures!  However one need not be an expert in the Holy Writ, in order to comprehend, in a general sense, coming events, as they will unfold.  However we do know that beyond a doubt, there will be a sudden taking away of those who are truly Christians, saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.  There will be an event, known as the The Pre-tribulation Rapture!

The Great Tribulation will then follow the coming rapture, constituting seven years wherein the Judgement of Almighty God, is poured out upon a sin ridden world populaton.  Rather then further explain what is a most serious warning, let the below listed websites say that when this life is over, we WILL all face, the God of Creation.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, of the Hebrew/Christian Scripotures!  He is not the god as describe in the Middle-Eastern religion, nor is he of the Buddist or Hindu.  And he will certainly not appear as a baby in the manger, nor hanging upon a cross.

Those who are Christian, being truly saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, will enter into His Glory.  All others not saved, will be judged, then cast into a vary real place called Hell, and tormetrf forever and ever!  The evil Radical Terrorist will not win world domination, but rather face the ultimate and final judgement of Almighty God.

Shortly after 'The Rapture', a combined Army made up of Russians and Arabs, will move against the tiny nation of Israel.  These armies will be near annyilated; five sixths of both Russian and Arab Armies will be destroyed, and Israel shall remain standing.  Then the Temple of Jersulem will finally be rebuilt!  And that my friends and neighbors, is only a brief explanation of the 'End of the Ages Prophesy'.  Amen!

The below references are highly recommended!

Log Onboard the below:  


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